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What is Conservation Framing?

CONSERVATION or PRESERVATION framing as it is more correctly known, is dependant upon using specific materials and techniques that have been proven to protect and maintain your valuable artwork, photographs, needlework, prints or other memorabilia for yourself and future generations to enjoy.

Here at Prestige Framing, we only use materials that are of the highest quality for this kind of framing. In mounting the work, only solid core cotton boards are employed, and the window mats are cotton rag conservation or museum mat boards. Wood pulp cardboards labelled 'buffered acid-free' are actually full of acids and lignins that are not true conservation materials. As the label implies, these boards only have a buffer that will be eroded by the acididy in the board over a period of time.

COTTON MATTING is what should be used to surround, beautify and protect your work. It is a pure substance, with the facing papers coloured with the finest quality pigment that are fade resistant. For detailed information please visit the NZIPF website.

Prestige Framing will not engage in framing practices that are contrary to professional framing principles. Neither will we agree to frame valuable artwork in any way which compromises the art's value.

What glass should I use?

Your framer should be well versed in the different glass options available. Ultraviolet light rays are one of the most harmful elements that your artwork encounters. Conservation Quality picture framing glass is specially formulated to protect framed works of art from these damaging effects.

Prestige Framing recommends TRU VUE ultraviolet protective glazing, ensuring that over 99% of UV rays are filtered out.

Should I get my artwork appraised and restored?

We highly recommend you bring in your potentially valuable art and objects for us to have a look at. We can quickly ascertain whether your work warrants restoration and further conservation work.


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